3 Years in the Making
2013 Brings 4in1 PermaLift

The Invention of Permalift


Permalift is a UK Manufactured system designed by EpiSoft. Permalift provides a way for women to discretely enhance their breast area with no scarring or visible after marks. The permalift is aimed for women who have recently lost their perk, child birth, breast feeding, ageing and even confidence can play a factor. Visit our video testimonials to hear how Permalift has helped women at Professional Beauty London ExCel 2013.


Initial development began in 2010 using individual technologies. The first tried systems used basic vacuum suction and external microcurrent probes to stretch breast tissue and stimulate growth. The therapy worked, vacuum suction and microcurrent alone was enough to stimulate semi-permanent results, however, using separate instruments made it difficult and tedious for therapists to perform treatments.


After 3 years of research and clinic trials EpiSoft has progressed, developing PermaLift Professional 4 in 1system with built in vacuum, microcurrent, LED and vibration. The benefit of integrated technology into one system makes it easy for therapists to fully control treatment variables whilst keeping treatment time to a minimum.


At EpiSoft our Engineers are always working for on going development, integrating new technology, smaller designs and more efficient systems.


4 Technologies 1 System


PermaLift uses a combination of 4 therapies packed within 1 system that all work together to stimulate blood flow and increase tissue growth. The PermaLift system includes Vacuum suction, Massage vibration, Microcurrent charge and PDLT (Photo Dynamic Light Therapy). Following is a brief description into how each can help to increase breast size, feel and appearance.


Vacuum Lift

PermaLift includes a powerful vacuum with easy control to provide tailored suction lift. A trained professional will be able to manually select the correct pressure, vacuum (on) time and release (off) time in order to provide firm yet comfortable suction, however, PermaLift also includes 4 preset programs suitable for inexperienced and home use.


Massage Therapy

PermaLift includes massage vibration therapy to help stimulate blood flow. With a simple on/off button PermaLift makes it easy.


Microcurrent Stimulation

Using small electrical charge, blood is stimulated to the breast in order to provide long term benefits such as increased tissue growth. When active Microcurrent can cause tingling and discomfort, with a maximum setting of 10V we always recommend starting at the minimum and then increasing steadily.


Photo Dynamic Light

PDLT, Photo Dynamic Light Therapy is used to stimulate blood flow and tissue growth. The light is produced around the cups to affect the breast area, the light is painless natural light and has no adverse effects.


PermaLift System 2012/3 model


Permalift System

PermaLift base system including all controls necessary for operation.